Little Stars Preschool is always available to answer any questions you may have. Below are the most frequently asked questions about our daycare with answers. If you have any questions that were not addressed on this page please call us (323) 732-2224.

Can you tell me more about your school setting?

We have 2 classrooms.  The Early pre-k classroom is for ages 2-3, and the Pre-k Classroom is for ages 4-5.  We have 2 playgrounds.  One in the front of the school for trikes, ballplay, and table activities, and one inside our preschool with a playground structure, table activities, and a large sand play area.  The children's restroom area is separated from the staff restroom.  We have a big parking lot behind the church for parents to park.

What ages do you serve?

We serve children ages 2 -5 years of age.

Do you serve meals?

We serve fresh warm home-made style meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack).  This is included in the price of tuition.




What are the hours and days of operation?

We are open Monday to Friday from 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.


When is your school closed?

We close all major holidays including: New Years, Martin Luther King, President's Day, Memorial Day, 4th July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas.  We close the last week of the year.



Do you change diapers and help potty train?

Our dedicated staff helps diaper change your child.  We work together with parents to help children transition from diapers to underwear when they are ready.  We believe it is a teamwork effort.  Since each child is different, they are ready at different ages.  Some as early as 1 and as late as 3 or even 4.  Parents must agree to continue their potty training at home.  Our teachers will definitely help you achieve success.



What is your child to teacher ratio?

We normally have no more than 8 children per teacher.  Since child attendance varies day to day, we may have less children per teacher

Do you teach the children?

Our curriculum is High Reach Learning.  HighReach Learning curriculum is based on knowledge of theory and research in early childhood education, coupled with an understanding of valued best practices. Our curriculum incorporates experiences that permit learning through guided play and active discovery.

In developing our curriculum, we consider the whole child - cognitively, socially, and physically.  By incorporating the latest research on early childhood, including Piaget's Constructivist Theory, Bruner's Theory of Discovery Learning, Bergen's Theory of Play, active exploration, and the most current NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practice Guidlines, High Reach Learning has created a truly balanced, innovative, and interest-driven curriculum for children birth to five.


Do you take field trips?

Our preschool plans atleast 2 field trip outings per years.  We welcome parents to join us.  Some of the places that we have visited in the past are:  The Farm, Adventure City, Kidspace Museum, Aquarium of the Pacific, LA Zoo, The Science Center, Cabrillo Beach Marine Aquarium.



What are your teacher's qualifications?

Each teacher must have specific units in Early Childhood Education to work at any preschool.  Our teachers have degrees in Early Childhood Education.  They continue to take classes each semester to be updated with the latest resources, theory, and ideas that will help them in the classroom.  Many of them have atleast 40 - 60 units in the field and years of experience working with children.  Our school has been very fortunate in low teacher turnover.

What is your sickness policy?

The health of children, as well as staff, is important to us so each child must arrive at school with no symptoms of illness. If your child should become ill while at school, you will be notified immediately to come pick him or her up, or make arrangements for another person to come and care for your child.


How do you discipline behaviours that are not acceptable?

When they misbehave, it is because they have an unmet need, a lack of skills and/or the activity may not fit their learning style.  Corporal punishment is not an accepted method of dealing with young children’s inappropriate behavior at our preschool.  Children will not be hit, slapped or spanked by anyone in any manner while attending our program.  Not only is such action towards children extremely damaging to their self-esteem, it also violates State Licensing regulations.

Staff respects the right of every parent to discipline his or her own child in a personally determined way, except where child abuse or neglect is concerned.  The staff guides and encourages behavioral changes by using positive guidance techniques.  Children are guided as to what to do rather than what not to do.  Many times redirection to a different area of play will be used.  We reinforce desirable behavior by encouraging the child. When they child realizes that attention is given for appropriate behavior, they are more encouraged to engage in such behavior.


Do you have an emergency plan?

The school is required by law to be prepared to keep all the children on the premises for up to twenty-four hours in the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake if needed. Each parent must provide an emergency earthquake kit.  Please see the director for details about it.  This kit includes first aid supplies, blankets, food and water.  Safety Drills will be conducted monthly so children learn quick and safe evacuation procedures.  We will also conduct “drop and cover” drills atleast once a month.


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